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Are you the next Ironman® or woman?

Sportives, Cyclocross, Ironman contests and the likes are soaring in popularity lately all over the UK.

Such events are often very challenging, requiring skill, endurance and great biking handling skills.

They're great fun for all types of riders, however due to their physical and fast-paced nature, they can lead to a lot of bumps and scrapes.

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Are you the next Ironman/Woman?

Velosure wants you to be able to participate in your favourite events comfortable in the knowledge that we’ve got your back with our specialised Sports bicycle insurance.

All of these sports bike events offer great fun for all levels of riders, but due to their physical and fast-paced nature, they can lead to a lot of bumps and scrapes. This is where Velosure’s sports bicycle insurance gives you the comprehensive cycle cover you need.

Check out the full list of our superb range of cover features included below, or grab a bike insurance quote today.

Be sure to have a look at our multi bicycle insurance if you own more than one bike, now with savings of up to 50%.

We will cover bikes up to the value of £20k, and insure an unlimited number of bikes up to a combined value of £20k.


We also want you to enjoy these events without any additional stress. To this end, we’ve made sure that your new sports bike, or your trusty old road bike is fully covered for theft when in the transition area, as well as at the place it is insured (usually your home).

European & Worldwide Cover

So, you’ve entered a few events in the UK, and after being buoyed by a string of good results, and with comprehensive cycle cover matching you every step of the way, you now fancy battling against the world’s best? With 90 days worldwide cycle cover, you can take your bike abroad at no extra cost, taking our quality bicycle insurance cover with you as well.

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Whether you use your bike for commuting, shopping or road racing, comprehensive protection at great value.

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Velosure’s complete e-bike package covers you for theft, accidental damage, cycle battery and more.

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The best value Multi Bike cover on the market. Leading protection for all your cycles.

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All included as standard within your Velosure Cycle Insurance policy