Single Cycle Insurance

Competitively priced, quality cover

Velosure spoke to our customers and listened to what they wanted - comprehensive protection at great value for money.

It is essential you get insurance that covers you where you need it most.

single bicycle
single bicycle

Do I need Cycle Insurance?

It may be the case that most insurers offer a limited amount of cover with hidden costs for any extras, and home insurance doesn’t always provide you with the protection you really need.

With Velosure’s Theft & Accidental Damage feature your bike is covered if stolen at home or away, for your peace of mind.

Comparison Chart

£2,000 £4,000 £8,000
Velosure £157.08 or £14.40/mo £182.70 or £16.75/mo £357.90 or £32.81/mo
Cycle Plan £178.56 or £14.88/mo £336.69 or £28.08/mo £644.16 or £53.68/mo
Cycle Guard £225.00 or £21.19/mo £384.00 or £36.16/mo £663.00 or £62.44/mo

Single Cycle Insurance is the essential one stop cover for your cycling needs

At Velosure, we understand how important your bike is to you, which is why we also include such key features

Cycle Rescue

We understand the nasty feeling of being stuck in a jam when your trusty steed runs into a mechanical problem, leaving you virtually stranded with no way home.

This is why we have prioritised our members safety with our Cycle Rescue feature, covering you for a breakdown 24/7. Our dedicated team will get you to safely to the nearest repair shop, train station, overnight accommodation or your home address if nearer.

Worldwide Cover

The world is a pretty amazing place when you’re in the saddle, which is why we encourage you to see more of it!

Worldwide cover will extend our market leading protection to you for a full 90 consecutive days whether you’re twisting round the hills of Mallorca or going for gusto up and down the length of Vietnam.

New For Old

For cyclists there isn’t much worse of a feeling than seeing harm come to your brand spanking new bike.

This is why if your fresh wheels are unfortunately stolen or suffer accidental damage beyond repair, Velosure can sort out a replacement for a new model equivalent. You also have the freedom to use a retailer of your choice our one of our trusted affiliates.

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Whether you use your bike for commuting, shopping or road racing, comprehensive protection at great value.

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Velosure’s complete e-bike package covers you for theft, accidental damage, cycle battery and more.

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The best value Multi Bike cover on the market. Leading protection for all your cycles.

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Standard cover

All included as standard within your Velosure Cycle Insurance policy