Sold Secure Approved Locks

How do I need to secure my cycle?

You need to meet at least one of the two security requirements below at all times:

  • All external doors must be secured by a minimum of a 5 lever mortice deadlock, 5 lever padlock, or a CEN grade 3, 4, 5 or 6 rated padlock; or
  • The cycle must be secured through the frame to an immovable object by the appropriate rated Sold Secure lock

If you use a cycle lock, it is a requirement that you have a Sold Secure rated lock (unless confirmed otherwise by us in writing) and you secure all cycles through the frame to an immovable object.

You must have the appropriate lock depending on your cycle value, please see the insured value lock rating guide on this page for further information about the lock you need. Full security information can be found in our Policy Wording under 'Security Requirements'.

What if the worst happens and your cycle is stolen?

We require you to keep a receipt of your cycle and lock. If you do not have a receipt for either, we will accept photos of the lock and cycle and/or a bank statement to show the transaction from when they were purchased.

We recommend that you take photos as soon as you take out the insurance in case your cycles and locks are stolen, otherwise you might not be able to prove ownership after the theft has taken place.

If you are supplying photographs as proof of ownership, you should provide one close up showing the make and model of the lock and one of it locked to the cycle as you would usually secure it (through the frame).

All photographs used in support of a claim should be clearly date stamped. These requirements will enable us to handle your claim quickly and smoothly.

Gold rated lock

Gold bike lock
Insured value over


Silver rated lock

Silver bike lock
Insured value over

£1501 - £2500

Bronze rated lock

Bronze bike lock
Insured value up to


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