Road Bicycle Insurance Cover

Road cycling is pure freedom on two wheels

Whether you’re descending the hillsides of Southern France or slogging it uphill to the local cycling café, the rewards are always fantastic.

Velosure understand the sentimental value of a good road bike, so should something happen to your steed you should be covered by road cycle insurance that has been designed with road cyclists in mind.

Professional road bikes
Professional road bikes

Velosure’s Road bicycle insurance ensures that you’re protected should your bike be stolen while out and about or at home and for any damage that wasn’t your fault.

Our road cycle insurance is designed to cover everyone

Whether you’re a beginner, budding club racer or the next Eddy Merckx, we have the cycle cover to suit you.

With our comprehensive cycling insurance cover you can climb into the saddle safe in the knowledge that you have the right level of cycle insurance protection for when things don’t always go to plan.

We understand that investing in a top of the range road bike can cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it for the memories you will have on your sleek, aero machine. We also know that a comprehensive bicycle insurance quote may look to cost you a pretty penny too, but not at Velosure. We have your safety, your road bike, and your budget in mind.

Check out our other fantastic cycle insurance features below or grab yourself a Quick Quote for bicycle insurance today. Be sure to check out our multi bike cover if you have more than one bike, now with savings of up to 50%.

Accidental Damage

In 2014, approximately 17,480 adult cyclists were reported as being involved in road cycling collisions. This is why at Velosure, we make sure our road bicycle insurance policies feature Accidental Damage as standard. If your bike is damaged it will be assessed at a cycle retailer, then we give you the option to use a repairer of your choice or one that we recommend.


As road bicycles are quite often expensive investments, unfortunately bike theft is a common occurrence. With over 90,000 reported thefts reported between 2013 and 2014, Velosure understand that it is imperative your bike is covered against theft at home or away. Check out our other fantastic road bicycle insurance features coming as standard below.

At Velosure UK Cycle Insurance, we will cover bikes up to the value of £20k, and insure an unlimited number of bikes up to a combined value of £20k.

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Whether you use your bike for commuting, shopping or road racing, comprehensive protection at great value.

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Velosure’s complete e-bike package covers you for theft, accidental damage, cycle battery and more.

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The best value Multi Bike cover on the market. Leading protection for all your cycles.

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All included as standard within your Velosure Cycle Insurance policy