Cycle Retailer Affiliate Scheme

Our affiliate scheme supports both cyclists and local bike shops

The Retailer Affiliate Scheme is our way of working in conjunction with the independent retailers throughout the UK. We settle our cycle payments ‘up-front’, and deal with the recovery and compensation later. We want to get the customer back to your store, and out on their bike as soon as possible.

How would this benefit the retailer?

The retailers can benefit in a number of ways. Firstly, they have an opportunity to develop their relationship with the customer.

If one of your customers suffers accidental damage to their bicycle, we will ensure that they come back to you for the repair, or if you don’t offer a repair service we will instruct the nearest approved affiliate retailer to undertake the repair. Our priority is to maintain that your customers are well looked after.

Repair & Replacement

In the event of a total loss, our policyholders will be referred back to the original retailer for a replacement, allowing the affiliate retailer to move more bikes out of their premises and more importantly retain the customer and not expose them to a competitor.

Secondly, it gives the retailer an additional revenue stream. We will pay commission on all policies incepted which have been referred from the retailer. This will be paid as a BACS payment every month into their nominated account.

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