Affordable Cycle Insurance & The Cycling Boom


Written by Ken Specter

Managing Director

As a committed cyclist and the Managing Director of Velosure Cycle Insurance, riding my bike around Regents Park in London was something of a revelation last weekend.

The number of cyclists far exceeded anything I have seen before and provided an opportunity to witness what is fast becoming a cultural and behavioural change in how the population views the issue of transport and leisure activity.

For me, it is about independence. I am never going to be fast or particularly elegant on a cycle, but I can get on it whenever I want to, it’s inexpensive compared with other forms of transport, and I don’t have to rely on the vagaries of public transport to arrive at work on time.

The public announcements at my local railway station have ranged from “train guard failed to appear” to the no nonsense “train cancelled” approach with no explanation; which actually means cost cutting. All of this was before the pandemic too, as I have not been on a train since March.

I have to confess to being somewhat overweight pre-Covid and my bike has helped me reduce a little wherein I am now fitting into some cycle shorts that have not seen the light off day for quite some time!

The more people who cycle, the more seriously the Government will be in investing in the cycle lanes and infrastructure that is so desperately needed to ensure the safety and comfort of those who use their cycles as a main form of transport.

At Velosure Cycle Insurance, we want to help promote the interests of cyclists and we will be keeping you advised of developments and initiatives at local authority and Government level to maintain safety and security of cyclists nationally.

There are still far too many pot holes and poorly maintained road surfaces, and there is a reluctance to invest properly in ensuring long-term change on roads. Pop up cycle lanes definitely help, but they are not a long-term solution.

At Velosure we are determined to keep the cost of cycle insurance down for the commuter cyclist, those who use electric cycles and the recreational cyclists with several bikes and accompanying accessories.

We do this by ensuring our single bike cost is competitive, that we cover accessories as well as electric batteries and that multi bike owners who can only ride one cycle at a time are not penalised by discounting those bikes kept at home. We are also able to offer policies that cover whole families living in the same household.

Above all, we want to make sure that our insurance policies are simple to understand and effective when they are needed. We are also launching a new website in July, which will be even more responsive to your needs.

We are grateful for the support the Velosure Cycle Insurance community has given our business and want to help and support you in return.

If you have an issue or query you’d like to discuss with us, send us a message using our contact form and we will do everything we can to help.
Last but not least, enjoy your summer cycling!