Velosure & Sustrans - Working in tandem

Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

Velosure are delighted to announce our continued partnership with Sustrans, registered charity for the upkeep, improvement and protection of the UK Cycle Network.

Sustrans have been operating for over 40 years, working in tandem with the cycling community to find the best solutions to make it easier for people to walk and cycle around Great Britain, with the goal of creating liveable neighbourhoods and a happier, healthier commute.

Recent projects

Bike Life

Recently Sustrans has been involved in Bike Life, an assessment of city cycling development which includes infrastructure, travel behaviour, overall satisfaction, the impact of cycling and new initiatives.

Bike Life cities include Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Greater Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton, Greater Cambridge, Liverpool and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The latest Bike Life report details women’s travel habits, attitudes towards cycling and reducing the gender pay gap.

Air Quality Model

Sustrans have also been proactive in seeking solutions to improve air quality in the UK, producing an “Actively Improving Air Quality” report from a round table with local authorities and Greater Manchester’s cycling and walking Commissioner Chris Boardman.

Velosure and Sustrans both recently attended another meeting with Chris Boardman to hear his plans for the impressive £1.5billion plans for Greater Manchester’s Beelines project.

Ken Specter, Managing Director Velosure spoke of our continued partnership, saying: “Sustrans continues to push hard for real investment and improvement and many areas of the country are now seeing the benefits in traffic calming measures and cycle lanes in key areas.”

He also added: “Velosure and its policyholders will work to support these initiatives by highlighting the need for investment and commitment to improving infrastructure. We are pleased to be affiliated with Sustrans, supporting their national mission. As members of the cycling community we want to help by making sure insurance is affordable and relevant to our policyholders cycling experiences day to day.”

If you’d like to donate to Sustrans to help them maintain and improve the UK Cycle Network, you can do so here.

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