UK motorists spend more

Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

A report from the BBC has stated that drivers in UK cities spent more than an entire today stuck in rush hour traffic each year.

According to new research, London motorists lost an average of 74 hours – over three days – in 2017.

Manchester followed with an average of 39 hours.

Researchers also found tha the overall cost per driver, including wasted fuel and working time worked at roughly £1,168.

The Department for Transport has stated that it was investing £23bn in new road schemes in a bid to tackle road congestion.

Many cyclists on Twitter were quick to highlight the glaringly obvious solution to a lot of UK congestion woes, the humble bicycle.

While the Government naturally looks to better road schemes for motor vehicles to reduce congestion, many believe it is time for real alternatives. If proper cycling infrastructure was implemented nationwide akin to countries such as The Netherlands and Denmark, there would be a greater incentive to opt for the bike.

Of course for many long trips up and down the country a vehicle is essential, however if the general public were encouraged and had greater facility to use a bike for shorter journeys, it would have a positive effect on congestion, as well as air quality.

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