One bike stolen every six minutes in the UK

Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

A recent report by The Telegraph has found that in the UK shockingly one bike is stolen every six minutes, with criminal gangs targeting cyclists with high-end models.

An analysis of crime figures shows that almost 100,000 bikes were reported as stolen in Britain last year, a 17% increase on 2015.

Even more concerning is that over the past three years more than a quarter of a million bikes were stolen across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

London has seen the largest increase in bike thefts, with the east of the city seeing up to 40%.

Experts believe that the spike in bike-related thefts could be down to the boom in popularity of more commuters cycling to work, however organised gangs are also a factor.

In one stunning case, a gang of professional thieves in York were headed by the owner of a local bike shop, stealing bikes from York railway station. They were jailed in February.

Last year, a gang in Grimsby were jailed after they had been following cyclists home who were on expensive bikes. They would track them to where they live to break in later and steal them.

There is also the concern of ride-sharing apps which experts believe thieves have been using to pinpoint where cyclists on high-end bikes currently are or live, more on which we’ve written about here.

Cyclists are reacting to the crime wave by investing in more robust security.

Paul Derbyshire of cycle retailer Halfords told The Telegraph that sales of high quality D-locks (some of which can cost upwards of £100) were rising dramatically.

“Bike locks are one of our fastest growing categories and this reflects the trend of more bikes being stolen. D-locks are a very effective and visible deterrent to would-be thieves.

“Customers are choosing to spend a little bit extra to make sure their bike is really secure.”

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