Provider for the Police Federation


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

Velosure is proud to announce we're now the official cycle insurance provider for the Police Federation of England and Wales, who are encouraging their 119,000 rank and file officers to cycle safely.

The Police Federation acknowledge staff are now working longer hours with higher workloads and fewer resources, which can be directly associated with poorer health and wellbeing.

To counteract the increased pressure, the Police Federation is proactively encouraging a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives for staff including the 'first steps' guidance booklet which provides useful health information and preventative advice.

We're thrilled the support for a healthier lifestyle has extended to encourage cycling and cycle insurance. 

Some well-documented benefits of cycling include:

  1. Improved physical fitness
  2. Fights mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
  3. Save money on transport
  4. Reduced pollution from vehicles

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