National Cycling Review Released


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

The highly anticipated National Cycling Network (NCN) review has been completed and released today, which carefully considers information and advice provided by local community members and advisory panels.

The reports have been designed to set a clear vision and direction for the Network moving forward, and has partly relied upon the information provided by community members ‘on the ground’ using the 14,000 miles of traffic-free paths and discreet on-road cycling routes that make up the Network.

In developing these extensive reports, the Network has also worked closely with national and regional advisory panels, who have regularly supported the review process.

About the National Cycling Network

The NCN is the largest of its kind in the UK, with paths criss-crossing throughout the country and weaving through town centres to be used by almost 5 million people each year.

It’s astounding to think that half of the UK population live within one mile of the nearest route, offering close access for cyclists, walkers, joggers, wheelchair users and horse riders. 

The sheer vastness covered throughout the United Kingdom is a testament to those involved in its ongoing growth and maintenance.

Who helps maintain the National Cycling Network?

Luckily for users, the generous support and cooperation of Sustrans, local authorities, landowners and the Highways Agency has allowed the Network to survive, although it has become apparent the Network “supply” has outgrown the community “demand.”

That is, the large volume of people using the paths with such regularity now outweigh the resources available to maintain them, leaving routes depleted and unsafe for use in many areas.

Sustrans, the charity organisation who founded and fund a large proportion of the Network, have acknowledged there is quite a lot of work to be done to ensure all paths and on-road routes are up-to-scratch.

It is hoped the reports from the National Cycling Network Review will set a clear direction for future priorities and plans, based on the needs and wants of the public.

To learn more about the National Cycling Network and how you can help, visit the Sustrans website here or phone 0117 926 8893

The full NCN report can be found here

Image credit: Sustrans Facebook.