Top 10 Reasons To Use Velosure


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

Like many businesses, we like to take an honest, critical look at our business over the New Year period and really brainstorm how we can be providing a better experience for our current and prospective cycle insurance customers.

We know we’re not perfect… who is?

But we’re working on it and we’ve got to say… we’re doing alright.

And we’re so proud of what we offer you – no-fuss cycle insurance at an incredibly low price with exceptional, award winning service (because we genuinely care).

We love nothing more than reading the positive reviews our customers share online… because it proves our hard work is worth it.

So, what are our customer’s favourite aspects of Velosure insurance?

We've broken it down into a top 10 list.

Top 10 reasons to choose Velosure Cycle Insurance, as shared by our customers.

  1. In-house claims department. Our in-house claims team allows us to manage your claim faster and more efficiently, meaning you’re reimbursed and back on your bike faster than ever. Being cyclists ourselves, we know just how badly you want to get back in the saddle following an accident… and we make every effort to make that happen sooner, rather than later!
  2. Ideal repairer/manufacturer. We're in contact with leading, specialist cycle repairers and manufacturers who are highly trusted and respected throughout the UK. If you have a particular repairer you wish to utilise following an accident, we do our very best to accommodate (not something many other insurers will do).
  3. We will insure a bike you have built yourself for a great price. Why should you pay more for a cycle you lovingly put together yourself? We will put together a very reasonable, custom quote for your cycle which we think you will be pleasantly surprised with. 
  4. Accessories up to £1000 cover. If your bike is unfortunately stolen or damaged in an accident, accessories are often included in this which is why we make sure you’re comfortably covered here. Many other insurers will only cover this for an additional fee, or may only offer £500 worth of cover… we even include e-bike batteries (tip: this is another common loop hole you may get stung for with other companies, leaving you footing the bill).
  5. By cyclists for cyclists. It really does make a big difference to be dealing with people who also cycle. We understand the situations and risks you face on a day-to-day level and can level with you when it comes to top cycle routes, safety tips, the best locks, key events and maybe even the best coffee in that area (and we always love to hear your tips, too).
  6. Market-leading product. Our product gives even the most prominent insurance companies a run for their money. We’ve done the in-depth research and very few companies come close to our competitive inclusions (standard and non-standard), customer service and price (see for yourself by taking a look at our comparison chart with key cycle insurance players).
  7. E-bike battery cover included as standardWe know the use of e-bikes is steadily increasing in recent years, which we’re supporting 100% (there are some major benefits from using an e-bike and it means more people are able to jump on the bandwagon). Unfortunately many insurers do not cover the battery (at all or as part of their standard inclusions), which can lead to riders paying for what is often the most expensive part of their bike! 
  8. Road rage cover. In this day and age, with increased congestion and the ever-fragile relationship between drivers and bikers, it is more important than ever to have road rage assault included in your cycle insurance cover. We know the patience of drivers is not always a strong point, so we make sure this is offered as a standard inclusion on all non-electric at Velosure… just in case. We have also made sure it’s included as an optional extra for those with e-bike cover, so the optional is always available.
  9. Renewal discounts. We love the support we get from our customers who renew their cover each year and we feel it’s important to show that appreciation. Customers who have not needed to make a claim and renew their policies in their second, third and fourth years will continue to receive bigger and better discounts.
  10. Very competitive on multi-bike. Got more than one bike under the one roof? That’s great! We offer discounts for exactly that, so whether it’s your bike or a family member’s, you can reap the benefits of cover at a reduced price when it’s included under the same policy.

So whether you’re just purchased a bike or you’re thinking about it, we invite you to give the team a call with any questions you may have – phone 0800 083 3035 or submit an enquiry form here.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to take a look around our website, get a quick online quote and see just how competitive we are by comparing other cycle insurers