Valentines ideas for the love of your life


Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

Hate it or love it, Valentines day is upon us once more, and for many it can be a last-gasp sprint to find the perfect gift that properly encapsulates the love you have for your other half.

So, we thought we’d make it easier for you to shower your significant other with the appropriate amount of sentiment on this made up holiday by compiling the best ways to treat your true Valentine, your bike!

After all, show your ride some love and it will pay back tenfold come spring and summer!

Here are 5 ways to treat your bike this year.

1. Draw it a nice, long bath

Who doesn’t love a romantic bath on Valentine’s day? For bikes, winter is a cruel mistress and all that grit and salt can cause them a lot of grief. Get yourself a bucket of water, a good brush and detergent. Take the wheels off, hang the bike up and give it a good, thorough clean.

2. Treat it to a little TLC

Give your bike a boost by giving the frame a proper rub down and polish to create that showroom sparkle. Arm yourself with scratch and blemish remover to buff out any scratches and imperfections, then take a soft rag and polish to the frame. Put on your sunnies, stand back and bask in that glorious shine.

3. New threads

Not much else can make a bike look fresh than some new bar type in an eye-catching colour. Pick something to match your kit as an added bonus or simply go with a clean white to keep things neat and simple.

4. Splash out on it

Every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to splash the cash and treat your pride and joy to a brand-spanking new set of wheels. Well, it may hurt your bank balance, but the improvement to your overall ride will surely be worth it.

5. Go on a date

What good is lavishing all this attention on your bike if you never take it out? This Valentine’s, plan a special outing to your favourite trail or café and savour the day. After all, a bike is a relatively cheap date all things considered! Stuck for an idea? Here are some of the best bike trips in Britain.