Strava Art - 5 Of The Best


Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

If you haven’t been paying attention you might have missed that “Strava Artist” is a thing now.

A growing number of creative cyclists are using the wildly popular GPS cycling app to unleash their artistic gifts onto unsuspecting city streets.

Users plot routes and then use GPS mapping to track the ride. When uploaded to Strava, the route shows up as a beautiful work of art. Sort of.

Here are our pick of the 10 best Strava artworks (Strartworks?) around.

1. Stegosaurus

2. San Francisco Turkey

3. New Forest Bike

4. Strava Wars

5. ...And finally, the Strava proposal

We can only hope she said yes after that effort.

Cubism, Impressionism, Surrealism... Stravism? It's the next logical step for the artworld.

Seen any Strava masterpieces you'd like to share, or have one of your own? Feel free to comment below in our discussion area!