10 Of The Weirdest Bikes In The World


Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

The world of cycling can provide the odd head-scratching moment from time to time, though none can quite beat some of the bicycles on show below. You have to just ask sometimes, why?

1. The 4-in-1

Because you never know when you'll need 'em.

2. Shoe Cycle

You read that right. Shoe cycle.

3. The Dicycle

Created by engineers in The Netherlands, this "Dicycle" was designed to traverse both land and water.

4. The Forkless

Forkless, or feckless? You decide. This guys face doesn't exactly scream "confidence".

5. Trolley Bike!

Gets the weekly shop done in a matter of minutes. 

6. The Sideways Bicycle

How do you even.... What direction does it actually.... Ah let's just go with it.

7. The Seesaw


8. The Wicker Cycle

If your nan was in charge of manufacturing regulations.

9. The Toilet Bike...

Hey, when you've gotta go. You've gotta go. In more ways than one it seems.


Ever wanted all the benefits of cycling AND the feeling of being chased by a giant spider? Well, look no further folks.

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