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Top 10 Reasons To Use Velosure


Like many businesses, we like to take an honest, critical look at our business over the New Year period and really brainstorm how we can be providing a better experience for our current and prospectiv...

Valentines ideas for the love of your life


Hate it or love it, Valentines day is upon us once more, and for many it can be a last-gasp sprint to find the perfect gift that properly encapsulates the love you have for your other half. So,...

Cycle Insurance - What Do People Want?


What do people look for when purchasing cycle insurance?With numerous providers to choose from when purchasing cycle insurance you could be forgiven for getting lost in a forest of information - so to...

The Best Tour Tantrums!


Top 5 tantrums in professional cyclingLet's face it, when pro cyclists get a strop on, it can (often) produce comedy gold.After some memorable scenes in this year's Tour De France (including defending...

10 Of The Weirdest Bikes In The World


The world of cycling can provide the odd head-scratching moment from time to time, though none can quite beat some of the bicycles on show below. You have to just ask sometimes, why?1. The 4-in-1Becau...

10 Pics To Drive Cyclists Mad


What A Load Of Bollards!  , but some really do beggar belief. Here's our top ten cycle lane oddities to get the blood boiling.1. Ouch Well this isn't going to end well.2. Cycling Wizards ...

Strava Art - 5 Of The Best


If you haven’t been paying attention you might have missed that “Strava Artist” is a thing now. A growing number of creative cyclists are using the wildly popular GPS cycling app to u...

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