Why Now Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Cycling


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

There's a good reason cycling has grown such a large, loyal following in recent years... actually, there's quite a few reasons. And now has never been a better time to jump on the bandwagon. Cycling is known to offer a variety of health benefits; from improved fitness and a reduced risk of heart disease, to significant improvements in mental well-being and the environment. 

1. Health Benefits

Fitness - Research indicates most cyclists complete a 20-70 mile ride each week… That’s a solid workout. Cycling builds muscle mass and improves lung capacity, with the low-impact nature of the sport reducing joint soreness and injury when compared to other workouts.

Weight-Loss and the Linked Benefits - Cycling at least 20 miles per week also reduces the risk of heart disease by around half that of non-cyclists (British Health Foundation), not to mention all the other benefits that flow on from weight loss. Often weight loss is a key reason people move into cycling. Of those participating in the Cycle to Work Scheme, 52% believe it has contributed to weight loss.

Boosted Immunity - The increase in physical activity and link with more valuable sleep allows your body to fight bugs and bacteria more effectively. Your body becomes stronger, inside and out.

2. Stronger Mental Health

Become Happier - There’s nothing like the great outdoors to cure the blues and help you see life more positively. There’s something soothing about exploring new locations and taking in the views, tackling new challenges such as a sportive or climbing that steep track, and having the time to process life’s concerns.

Develop Connections - If you’re more interested in the social aspect that comes with cycling, there are so many warm and welcoming clubs to choose from. Making new friends and connecting with the community is often what draws newbies to cycling, while feeling happier and healthier is what keeps them coming back.

Confidence - Cyclists have reported significant increases to self-confidence after consistent cycling has led to weight loss and muscle gains. It’s quite remarkable how this single change in lifestyle can really turn around a person’s physical and mental health.

3. Save Money

No Fees - It’s ridiculous how much money you can safe by jumping on two wheels every once in a while. Although the majority of cyclists also own a car, you’re spared the extra road tax, MOT, compulsory insurance, licensing, breakdown recovery, parking and fuel costs you would normally pay for a motor vehicle.

Low Maintenance - You don’t need to worry about expensive maintenance costs and the ever-looming short life expectancies that come with driving a car. Bikes have been known to last decades and a good bike will only see you spending £50 a year on maintenance.

4. Good for the community

Congestion - One more bike on the road is one less vehicle contributing to traffic congestion and a general lack of public space. It’s just a (big) added bonus that cycling is often faster than driving during peak hour.

Pollution – The production of a bike require much less material and energy than a vehicle, plus bikes don’t project pollution when in use. A commuter who switches their 5-mile journey from a car to a bike will save approximately half a tonne of carbon dioxide a year.

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