Bike Locks: Everything you need to know


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

When you insure your cycle with us, one of our requirements is that you have a Sold Secure Approved Lock of the appropriate category. The available categories are Bronze, Silver and Gold and the type you need depends on the value of your bike.

bike locks

Some of you may have already read up on these types of bike locks and other security requirements on our website.

However, we thought it would be useful for us to go through some of the additional questions we get asked quite frequently. With so many people now taking to two wheels, we want to make sure people are aware of the benefits of being insured and also of how to keep their bike secure when not in use.

When at home, how do I need to store my bike?

Our policies require policyholders to store their bike either indoors or attached to an immovable object. If attached to an immovable object the bike must also be locked. If kept indoors, all windows and doors must be locked and if you have an alarm system this must be activated when you are not at the property. If you don’t have an alarm system, your policy is valid as long as all windows and doors are locked.

How do I know whether I need a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sold Secure Lock?

This depends on the insured value of your bike. You can see the value range for each type of lock on our website.

What if I have a shed? Can I keep my bike inside that?

Yes, as long as the shed is:

  1. Made from wood or metal 
  2. Is privately accessible, e.g. behind a closed gate 
  3. External door(s) to the shed needs to secured with a minimum of: 
  • - A 5 lever mortice deadlock to BS3621 standard, or 
  • - A 5 lever padlock, or 
  • - A CEN grade 3, 4, 5, or 6 rated padlock 


  • - The cycle must be secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object within the shed The cycle must be secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object within the shed.

Where can I buy a Sold Secure Approved Lock?

You can buy these locks directly from the Sold Secure website. They are also available from many cycle retailers, you just need to make sure the lock you purchase states ‘Sold Secure’ in the product description.

If I take my bike overseas and travel by plane, is it still insured whilst in the plane luggage hold?

Yes, as long as it is inside a bike box then it is insured. We also insure the bike box itself up to £500.

What about Triathlons? Is my bike insured whilst I’m taking part in the race but not actually riding it?

Yes it is. Our minimum requirement is that your bike is held in the transit area and that the transit area is manned. As long as those conditions are met, you can swim or run in peace knowing that your bike is still covered!

This element of Sports Cover is an optional extra for E-Bike policies. For all other policies, it is included as standard.

When you join Velosure Cycle Insurance there are many benefits including discounts on renewal, savings on multi-bike policies and the ability to add family members at any time and at no extra cost. 

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