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Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

You’ve no doubt read in the news recently about the high profile incident involving a cyclist who hit a pedestrian as she stepped out in front of him whilst looking at her phone.

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The judge presiding over the case ruled that the blame was split 50/50, however as the cyclist was uninsured, he was left footing legal bills in the vicinity of £100k.

Whilst this unfortunate incident undoubtedly caused great distress for all involved, it serves to highlight how important it is to have access to expert legal advice and an extensive cycle insurance policy should the worst happen.

The cyclist, Robert Hazeldean, collided with pedestrian Gemma Brushett as she stepped out into a crossing whilst using her phone. Hazeldean was passing through a green light at around 10-15mph when Brushett walked into his path, causing the collision.

According to reports she was amongst a “throng” of pedestrians crossing at the time despite the light being green. Mr Hazeldean even sounded an air horn affixed to his bike and began shouting to warn her, but it was unfortunately not enough to prevent the accident.

The pair collided and both were knocked unconscious.

This incident occurred in July 2015. The recent trial found Hazeldean equally to blame for the collision, despite there being significant evidence that could well have absolved him.

The judge, Shanti Mauger, awared Brushett £4,161 in damages, however because Hazeldean was initially legally unrepresented and didn’t lodge a counter-claim against Brushett despite them both being ruled equally at fault, he faces a legal bill reaching £100,000.

Hazeldean’s representative Emma Farrell told The Independent:

“If our client had been insured then the claimant’s costs would have been limited by Part 45 of the Civil Procedure Rules and would have been in the region of £7,000 plus the costs for her medical reports, court fees etc.

As we know, the claimant’s solicitor has served a costs schedule seeking almost £96,000 which, even if reduced by the court at the next hearing, has had a very negative emotional impact on our client whilst it is hanging over him.”

This is the latest unfortunate reminder of the necessity of being covered by a thorough insurance policy, with access to legal counsel.

At Velosure, our extensive protection includes as standard Public Liability cover up to £2million (subject to £500 excess).

This benefit applies if the policyholder or anyone between the ages of 16-84 who permanently lives with the policyholder causes accidental injury, death or damage to a third party or their property.

If the above incident was to happen to one of our policy holders, they would be safe in the knowledge that they are fully covered and can use the policy to make a public liability claim.

They would also have access to expert cycling accident solicitors via our sister company Cycle Accident Claims Management, who would provide free initial legal advice.

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