Planning your round the world cycle trip


Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

What you need to know for your cycle trip of a lifetime.

Do you often look longingly at other people’s pictures of their globe-trotting cycle adventures and think “I wish that was me”?

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If yes, then you’ve probably thought about how much such a trip may cost, and how to plan for it.

Committing to a round the world trip by bike isn’t something you impulsively decide the night before, fetching the bike from the shed and setting off in the morning; it takes months, even years of preparation.

So, to make things a little easier for your big adventure, we’ve compiled a handy guide of the things you need to consider to make your cycle tour around the world as smooth as possible.

Funding your trip

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The first thought likely to cross your mind when planning your adventure is “how realistic is this?”

Unfortunately in life, things cost money, and a round the world trip is sadly no exception. Even if you are targeting relatively cheap countries, you will still require cash for essentials such as food and emergencies.

Saving like crazy is a given when undertaking such a trip, but to add extra assistance, look into funding from avenues such as company sponsorship or by doing the trip under the banner of a chosen charity. Focus your fundraising efforts on family, friends, social community and co-workers too.

Thinking of blogging or vlogging your journey? Approach clothing brands, bike companies and technology firms to see if they’re open to donating any equipment you could use and promote during your trip.

Travel lightly

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When undertaking such a mammoth expedition on the road it’s essential you travel with essentials only. Any unnecessary weight could become a huge burden, especially if traversing mountainous regions.

Your clothing should be practical and adaptable to the environment you’re travelling through. A great guide on cycle touring essentials can be found here on Tom’s Bike Trip.

Easy does it

Have you thoroughly researched your cycle route? Don’t overcomplicate it if you don’t have to. Downloading maps to your phone is an absolute must. is a brilliant app that allows you to view maps when offline by pre-downloading the area you are going to travel through when connected to the internet. You can also purchase a GPS computer with maps installed.

It’s important to ensure that the route you take is safe to travel in. It’s best to avoid any areas going through tumultuous political or cultural issues.

Be practical

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Arguably the biggest attraction of cycle touring around the globe is the opportunity to be able to ride where and when you want. However, though that sense of absolute freedom is achievable, you will still have to acquire the necessary visa permits to travel in certain countries. It is imperative you organise any and all visas before your trip.

Another essential is to ensure you are fully covered by a travel insurance policy that protects you against all eventualities on your trip. At Velosure, our travel cover was designed with the adventure cyclist in mind, offering cover for thousands of medical conditions, personal accidents, worldwide cover and much more. Find out more here.

The right bike

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Whatever bike you choose, it’s going to be your mobile home of sorts for a lengthy period of time, so it’s vital you pick one that meets your practical and comfort needs. Depending on the route you wish to take you may opt for an on-road or off-road cycle.

If you know you’ll be mainly on the roads, look at a good quality touring bike with a steel frame and that is comfortable to ride over long distances. An added benefit of touring bikes is the ability to fit pannier racks for added carry capacity. Here are 10 of the best cycle touring bikes for 2018, starting from £650.