Cycle Versus Home Insurance


Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

Is it worth getting cycle specific insurance?

When it comes to getting your bike insured, you may wonder whether your home insurance can provide you with adequate cover and save you taking out a cycle specific insurance policy.

It' not always the case that your home insurance will cover your bike to meet all of your cycling needs, and at Velosure, our comprehensive protection will ensure you and your cycle are covered in all manner of circumstances.

To dispel some misconceptions about home insurance vs cycle specific insurance, we've compiled various checks you should make to ensure you and your cycle are getting the best possible protection.


Although home insurance may cover your bike, sometimes the maximum value can be as low as £500. As avid cyclists ourselves at Velosure, we understand that a bike is an investment and on average our members have cycles worth upwards of £1,000, not to mention own multiple bikes.

With most home insurance policies, you would have to declare these specifically, incurring an additional premium. As well as this, if you claim for your cycle under home insurance it may be the case that your home insurance premium could increase.

At Velosure, our bicycle insurance covers any type of bicycle for a value of up to £20,000, or more than one for a combined value of up to £20,000.


Unfortunately it's the case that many home insurance providers will not cover you should your bike be stolen while you're away from home. We understand that this is especially crucial as this is usually when cover is needed the most.

Our policy ensures your bicycle is covered from theft and accidental damage as standard, including if the bike is stolen while you are away from home. With Velosure, you also have the choice of using a specialist supplier of your choice or one that we suggest. If you have a preferred supplier, you can continue to use them.


As events such as Ironman and cyclosportives continue to grow in popularity, you should be able to participate with the comfort of knowing your bike is protected.

With most home insurance policies, you may not be covered for any damage caused to your bike due to taking part in a sporting event.

At Velosure our cover features sports cover as standard, meaning you are provided with protection for participation in events such as competitive road racing, mountain biking, triathlons, Ironman events, cyclo-cross and track racing.

Ultimately taking out a cycle specific insurance policy with Velosure can ensure you receive a much more in depth level of cover than under standard home insurance, giving you greater peace of mind to get out and ride safe in the knowledge your bike is protected.