Cleaning Your Cycle Like a Pro


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

With more people than ever before swapping four wheels for two, striving to top the Strava leader board and become the healthiest version of themselves, the Velosure team thought now would be the perfect time to go over the 8 crucial steps for bike cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping your cycle clean and in good working condition should be a key priority for any cyclist, especially now we’re heading into the beautiful weather that our English summer promises (we can only hope).

And getting the most out of your bike doesn’t have to be expensive either, despite what cycle care companies may argue.

Most (if not all) items needed to keep your cycle in pristine condition can be found around the home.

Items needed (the ingredients):

  • ·        Hot water
  • ·        Dishwashing liquid
  • ·        Sponge, brush & cloth
  • ·        Old toothbrush
  • ·        Lubricant
  • ·        De-greaser
  • ·        Screwdriver

Steps (the method) for cycle maintenance:

  1. Scrub your bike chain with your brush, dipped in hot water with dishwashing liquid. Brush your chain until the majority of grime has been removed.
  2. Rotate your chain backwards while generously applying de-greaser. Once the chain has been covered, use your toothbrush to scrub the chain before rinsing remaining de-greaser with clean water.
  3. Next up is cleaning your breaks and gear cables. Give all exposed cables a rub down with your cloth, covered with a little de-greaser.
  4. Then turn your attention to the front set of gears, near the pedals, which can get jammed with dirt. Give this area a good clean using the toothbrush with hot, soapy water. Use your screwdriver, or similar, to remove any dirt lodged between the gears and chain.
  5. Repeat this process with the jockey wheels located at the back of the bike. It’s a good idea to change the gears during the cleaning process
  6. Use your screwdriver or the likes to remove any dirt, grass etc. in the sprockets before cleaning with a cloth to remove any remaining grime.
  7. Now is time to give your bike a wash down and dry. Ensure all grime is removed from both the frame and moving parts. It’s important to ensure the entire bike is dry to avoid rusting.
  8. Finally, it’s time for the finishing touches. Lubricate the working parts of your bike by applying a thin layer to your chain (rotating backwards in the process), working parts of your jockey wheels, front gears and cassette. Wipe away any excess. If you have bike polish, now is the time to shine.

And there you have it! An immaculate, sleek machine ready for action. Now you have cleaned your bike, it is the perfect time to check your tyre pressure is where it needs to be and your breaks are in good working condition.

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