Airline Bike Luggage Charge Infographic - 2019


Written by Alex Bennett

Social media executive

We all know how frustrating it is to have to pay to take your bike abroad. Every airline has a slightly different approach to handling bike luggage, with varying weight allowances and charges.

bike luggage

It is worth nothing that the majority of airlines do not appear to allow the transit of E-bikes, as the lithium battery poses a security risk and is a prohibited item.

Typically airlines only provide a minimum amount of compensation in the event your bike is damaged in transit, however at Velosure your bike and bike box are fully covered when they are securely packaged and a receipt is obtained from the transport provider.

Our cycle insurance cover features extend to worldwide cover as standard for up to 90 days, meaning the only protection you’ll have to worry about whilst abroad is the right sun cream.

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We also offer cyclist focussed travel insurance designed specifically with the cyclist in mind. Key features include:

  1. Up to £10,000 cancellation/curtailment
  2. Up to £10,000,000 medical expenses
  3. Emergency dental treatment
  4. Lost or delayed personal effects and baggage
  5. Up to £2,000,000 Personal Liability
  6. Up to £25,000 Legal Expenses
  7. Money
  8. Loss of travel documents
  9. Missed departure
  10. Personal Accident

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Links to airline bike luggage information: