Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Cycling Lover


Written by Brooke Stirling

Social media executive

If you have left your gift-buying to the very last minute and wracking your brain for ideas, we have you covered! Well, that’s if the person you’re buying for (or yourself!) loves cycling. The trick to a thoughtful gift that the recipient loves is considering their individual hobbies and loves. And when it comes to cycling, that’s our specialty.

Best gift ideas for the cyclist that has everything:

Projecting a combination of a white light and a laser image on the road metres ahead, the Laserlight Core is perfect for commuters and those riding in built-up areas. Cycling safety can be a real concern in these areas, and so the Laserlight has been designed to significantly reduce the risks of accidents. The green laser image of a bike is positioned to be seen by any motorist driving next to the cyclist, who may fall within the driver’s blind spot.

A little on the boring side, yes, but very necessary! There are so many bicycle helmets to choose from and it really does depend on the person. So rather than recommending just one, we would rather share this article by Cycling Weekly, which touches on their favourites and also includes a useful helmet buyer’s guide video.

A super personalised gift is always a winner and a sticker made just for the rider? Genius. If the cycling lover in question is a professional rider, Pegatin offer stickers designed with the unique country flag and name of your choosing (which look professional and impressive). For the less-serious cyclist, StickerMule offer flexible shapes and designs which allow you to choose size, shape and quantity.

The importance of a good, waterproof high-vis jacket should never be underestimated…especially in the UK! Those early morning commutes and the windy weather should be front-of-mind when choosing a jacket that looks good and is highly practical. A few of the top brands that tick all the boxes include Wiggle, Proviz and Pro Bike Kit.

Whether the cyclist in question is a pro athlete or more of an enthusiast, these devices are seriously addictive and handy! The GPS technology helps motivate the user to go further for longer while the Cycle Map tracks popular trips taken by other users, encouraging cyclists to try out new routes.

Is your giftee always looking for ways to improve his/her cycle performance? There’s nothing like sitting down with a good book over the cold Christmas New Year’s period to get ready for a strong, training-packed year ahead. There are some fantastic biography/advice-style books from big names like Geraint Thomas, or training how-to books that offer a wealth of information.

Alternatively, purchasing cycle insurance on behalf of your loved one can be the most thoughtful and unexpected gift of them all! Contact Velosure via our website form and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to discuss options and answer any questions.