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A cyclists quick guide to potholes


Potholes. The scourge of cyclists everywhere. And they seem to be multiplying. Unfortunately, according to recent figures it would allegedly take the Government as much as £12 billion and 12 years...

Cycling UK release statement


Cycling UK have recently reacted to the news of the "dooring" incident involving Transport Secretary Chris Grayling MP.Mr Grayling wasn't looking when exiting his vehicle in the City of London and sub...

Top Tips For Cycling


So autumn is finally upon us and you've made the commitment to keep cycling, holding on to sweet, warm memories of summer.As we head into these milder, darker months, there is always the temptation to...

Freedom Is A State Of Mind


Last week, my colleagues and I were invited to The Cycle Show 2016, at the NEC in Birmingham, to explain the benefits of cycle insurance.While I was there, it struck me how diverse the cycling populat...

Cycle Accidents - The Dangers


Unfortunately, cycle accidents can and do happen.It's never a pretty subject matter. However, awareness must be raised to ensure us cyclists are always vigilant and alert when out on the road to avoid...

Cycling Through Winter


Commuting by bike through winter can be tough on the body and the bike. however sticking to it can have fantastic benefits such as maintaining your fitness for the eventual summer months. Wind, ra...

Bad Cycling Conditions


Don’t be put off by the weather! As we head in to the frostier mornings it can be very tempting to leave the bike at home. But there are ways to see the wintery conditions as motivation to...

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