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Self Driving Car Ethics


American publication Autonews.com released an intriguing article recently regarding self-driving car manufacturers implementing their vehicles with a built-in code of ethics for life and death scenari...

Memorable Tour de France


So the Tour is over for another year, and what a tour it was. Packed with drama, controversy, triumph and disappointment, it certainly was one of the most memorable in recent times. Early on ...

Keeping your bike safe


Bike security is a serious concern for cyclists – thousands of machines are stolen every year: 376,000, in fact, from April 2013-March 2014 in England and Wales. There has been a slight dec...

10 Reasons to get on your bike


A report has been published in the Telegraph stating that the use of Britain’s network of cyclist and bike friendly paths helps save the nation £1m every day. This got us thinking about all the oth...

Diet tips for cyclists


Café Stops During Long Rides – Opt for things such as Tea Loaf, Banana Bread, Scrambled Eggs on toast or a roll with a light filling. These are all carbohydrate rich, and will delay fatigue and boo...

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