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Cycle Insurance - What Do People Want?


What do people look for when purchasing cycle insurance?With numerous providers to choose from when purchasing cycle insurance you could be forgiven for getting lost in a forest of information - so to...

Freedom Is A State Of Mind


Last week, my colleagues and I were invited to The Cycle Show 2016, at the NEC in Birmingham, to explain the benefits of cycle insurance.While I was there, it struck me how diverse the cycling populat...

Top Tips For Cycling In The Rain


So Summer is over, and what a week it was! As we head into the chillier months of the year, wetter weather is always around the corner. As cyclists who live in the UK, riding in the rain is as inevita...

Legal - Mr B's Cycle Accident Claim


In December 2013 Mr B was in a cycle lane in Cambridge, when a bus overtook him and pushed him into metal railings.  Mr B suffered minor injuries, damage to his bike and a quite severe psycholo...

The Best Tour Tantrums!


Top 5 tantrums in professional cyclingLet's face it, when pro cyclists get a strop on, it can (often) produce comedy gold.After some memorable scenes in this year's Tour De France (including defending...

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