Multi bicycle insurance

Choose your level of cover at home or away

When you love cycling as much as we do, it's likely you own more than one bike.

We spoke to our valued members directly, and have listened to what they want - comprehensive cover at a competitive price.

Cycling couple
Cycling couple

Velosure now offer specialised Multi bicycle insurance giving your bikes total protection at home and for the one cycle you choose to take out on a ride, because unfortunately you can’t ride two bikes at once.

Comparison Chart

£2,000 £4,000 £8,000
Velosure £157.08 or £14.40/mo £182.70 or £16.75/mo £357.90 or £32.81/mo
Cycle Plan £178.56 or £14.88/mo £336.69 or £28.08/mo £644.16 or £53.68/mo
Cycle Guard £225.00 or £21.19/mo £384.00 or £36.16/mo £663.00 or £62.44/mo

Quality protection for all of your cycles

Our customised Multi bicycle insurance gives you the comprehensive cover you require at home or away.

When you’re passionate enough about cycling to own more than one steed, you should be rewarded for your commitment.

This is why at Velosure multi bicycle insurance quotes are reduced by up to 50%.

Should your bike be damaged, our quality, reliable claims service can give you access to a recommended bicycle supplier or one of your choice.

They will assess whether the bicycle should be repaired or if it needs replacing, whichever is most economically viable.

Compare bicycle insurance now using our in-depth comparison chart to see the benefits of Velosure for yourself, or grab yourself a bike insurance quote today using our easy to use Quick Quote feature.

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Whether you use your bike for commuting, shopping or road racing, comprehensive protection at great value.

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Velosure’s complete e-bike package covers you for theft, accidental damage, cycle battery and more.

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The best value Multi Bike cover on the market. Leading protection for all your cycles.

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Standard cover

All included as standard within your Velosure Cycle Insurance policy