Mountain bicycle insurance Cover

Mountain biking is tough, dirty, and dangerous - precisely why it’s so fun!

Many cyclists in search of a new thrill try out mountain biking and get the MTB bug. While it’s certainly open to everyone, it isn’t the easiest.

MTBing requires skill, strength and endurance, all of which pays off when you get to explore new and challenging trails.

electric bicycle
electric bicycle

As it can be a white knuckle endeavour, accidents are quite common place.

This is why getting great mountain bicycle insurance will give you the peace of mind you need to get out and hit the trails worry-free.

You might be heading downhill, our Mountain bicycle insurance isn’t.

Here at Velosure we love all things MTB, which is why we’ve got a policy specifically tailored for the adrenaline junkie in you.

Mountain bikes are fast and exhilarating, offering some of the best access to cycling. As a result this is where most beginners start, though it can test your body and bike to its limits.

Accidental Damage

It’s no surprise that the majority of cycling injuries come from mountain bike related accidents.

Even though mountain bikes are far more robust than their road bike counterparts, they’re not bullet-proof. Our cycle insurance includes accidental damage as standard, something which your home insurance may not be able to provide.

We will cover the cost of repairs where necessary to your mountain bike or if the damage is simply too great, we’ll offer a replacement.


After a long day on the trails, avoiding anything and everything nature can throw at you, the prospect of something cold to drink, and something warm to eat is irresistible. This is where tiredness sets in, and many simply leave their valuable mountain bikes at the side of the café and wander inside for a comfy seat. Providing you have locked your bike up securely, your comprehensive mountain bicycle insurance will give you theft cover.


As MTB is such a white knuckle endeavour, safety equipment is a necessity. This is why Velosure offer comprehensive accessory cover for all insurance policies, including helmets, knee and elbow pads, masks, goggles and a huge variety of many more. See our full list as well as other cover features as standard below.

Get bicycle insurance quote online today for instant cycle cover. If you own more than one bike be sure to check out our Multi bicycle insurance and get yourself a quote, now with savings of up to 50%.

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