Electric Bike Insurance Cover

Customised cover with Electric Bike Insurance

Although cheaper than your average car, e-bikes can often cost thousands of pounds, sadly making them common targets for thieves.

They’re also specialist pieces of kit, as are batteries, which can be high-priced investments. Any damage they may suffer can be very expensive for you to replace. This is why it is essential you get E-bike insurance that covers you where you need it most.

electric bicycle
electric bicycle

With Velosure's Electric Cycle Insurance you are covered for damage or loss of your battery, with a replacement provided.

The cost of e-bikes also means that E-bike insurance cover is often at the top end of people's budgets. Our new electric bike insurance policy gives you all the peace of mind you need, without the hefty price tag associated with other comprehensive bike insurance products.

The chances are that you won’t be riding your E-bike the same as you would a road bike. We also don’t expect that you would need your electric bicycle insurance to cover you for a day’s sportive. As our cycle insurance cover was designed by cyclists for cyclists, we know what you need.

We have worked hard to give you a bike insurance quote that reflects how your electric cycle will be used, and which offers the appropriate cycle cover to match.

See the full range of cover features below.

Theft & Accidental Damage

We will cover your new electric bike for accidental damage when things go wrong, and for theft when you’re out and about or at home. Want to cycle to the train station and leave your E-bike there? Not a problem.


Our E-bike insurance will also cover the very thing that makes it an E-bike to begin with, the battery. It is an essential component for any e-biker, which is why our comprehensive electric bicycle insurance will cover the battery for accidental damage or theft, even if there is no damage to the bicycle itself.

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Single Cycle Quote

Whether you use your bike for commuting, shopping or road racing, comprehensive protection at great value.

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Electric Cycle Quote

Velosure’s complete e-bike package covers you for theft, accidental damage, cycle battery and more.

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Multi Cycle Quote

The best value Multi Bike cover on the market. Leading protection for all your cycles.

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Standard cover

All included as standard within your Velosure Cycle Insurance policy