Velosure Cycle Insurance, Why pay more for less?

There are a number of options to choose from when looking for cycle insurance.

Many of us may opt for home insurance that provides cover as part of the General Contents section of a policy. However, this type of cover rarely protects cyclists and their bikes where they need it most, and if you want cover away from the home you will usually need to pay extra to add this to your policy.

Unlike home insurance, at Velosure our cycle specific insurance policy provides protection for all eventualities, featuring essential covers such as theft and accidental damage, cycle rescue, personal accident, replacement cycle hire, worldwide cover up to 90 days and competition use.

Velosure Cycle Insurance was developed by cyclists to meet the needs of those who are serious, committed and passionate about cycling. We have been providing leading bicycle insurance for years, offering quality products to our valued members at competitive prices.

Having researched and reviewed the existing household insurance market and other cycle insurance companies to find out what was on offer, we felt not enough protection was being given where cyclists truly need it.

With that information, our team of insurance experts created a cycle insurance policy that provides one of the most comprehensive covers on the market, at fantastic value for money.

Check out our Electric Bicycle, Single Cycle and Multi Bicycle Insurance products above, customised to meet your requirements and cover you where you need it most.

Grab a bicycle insurance quote now using our simple, efficient Quick Quote feature, or visit our Comparison Chart page and compare cycle insurance with other market leaders to see for yourself how Velosure offers top quality insurance always with cyclists in mind.

Why choose Velosure?

  • UK based insurance & claims handling office.
  • Committed cyclists who appreciate the need for comprehensive insurance.
  • Extensive protection; substantially enhanced from what’s currently available on the market.
  • Theft cover for your cycle at home or away.
  • Repair and replacement cycle from your local shop.
We also provide Cycle Retailer Insurance that draws upon our sound understanding of the cycling world, incorporating key features such as cover for stock bikes displayed outside the shop, exhibitions, goods in transit and cover for customers on demonstration bikes for up to 48 hours.