All Included as Standard with every Velosure Cycle Insurance Policy

  • Theft & Accidental Damage
  • £2m Public Liability
  • 'New for Old' for up to 3 years
  • Sportives
  • Time Trials
  • European Cover for 60 days*
  • Free Legal Assistance
  • Cycle Rescue in Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  • Worldwide Cover for 14 days**
  • Bike Box Cover up to the value of £500

*Includes all European Member Countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Madeira, Gibraltar and Andorra.

**A condition of cover is notification of dates of travel and destinations. Certain restrictions may apply.

Optional Extra Cover Available with every standard Velosure Bicycle Insurance Policy

  • Personal Accident & Road Rage
  • Public Liability up to £5m
  • Clothing, Helmet and Footwear Cover
  • Add Family Members
  • Sports Cover


Safe Cycling with Velosure 

The 2015 Velosure campaign for #Safecycling has begun with a press release: 

Velosure Cycle Insurance Introduce 2015 Safe Cycling Campaign

Safecycling tips and advice are to grow across the site within cycle insurance , with a growing diversity towards different types of bicycle. Explore your bicycle of choice such as mountain bicycle insurance, and discover seasonal tips for your cycle.

As part of the Velosure Starley Primal partnership, to celebrate the new year the pro cycling team have been invited to share some of their new years Safecycling resolutions:

Our huge thanks go out to the team for sharing these with us, pro cycling tips to inspire us all:

  • Joe Petrowski - "Always invest in new tyres early in the winter, make sure they are winter specific."
  • Gaby Leveridge - "Always ensure I have a fully charge mobile phone with me."
  • James Gullen - "Always take spare coins in case I need to buy food."
  • Emily Attfield - "Always make sure someone knows my route roughly and what time I am due back."
  • Jack Pullar - "To allow myself a little more braking distance during the Winter."  Read complete article 

Cycle insurance some more facts for you

Bicycle insurance can sometimes be overlooked, as we cyclists assume our bicycle is covered by our home insurance policy. The reality is that almost half of household policies will only pay out a maximum of £500 for a bike in the event of a claim; many fellow cyclists are unaware their cycle is only insured for this sum. At cycling events we often speak to members of Cycle Associations who believed they were insured, through membership of an association, for theft of their bicycle, but in reality they had been wrong to make this assumption and this was not the case.

As cyclists here at Velosure Cycle Insurance we understand your commitment, enthusiasm and passion for cycling, and we are proud of the cycle insurance and service we provide.

We provide single cycle and multi cycle insurance. Our single cycle insurance allows you to insure individual bicycles up to a value of £12,500, with coverage for theft, accidental damage, and public liability, whether you’re at home or in Europe, along with cycle rescue in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. With a host of options, Velosure are here to support you, offering bicycle insurance to meet your own specific needs and ensure you are adequately protected. For multi cycle policy quotes, we can insure up to 8 cycles with a maximum combined value of no more than £15,000 at one location.

If the value of your cycle exceeds the amounts above, why don't you consider our household policy which provides a higher level of cover. Read More

Cyclists requiring specialist cyclist insurance, such as competitive cyclists who wish to be protected for events such as Duathlons or Triathlons, can also find the insurance they are searching for with Velosure. Whether you are looking for the cheapest bike insurance uk or the best uk cycle insurance, we are confident that if you compare cycle insurance quotes from Velosure with other companies, the price of our insurance is highly competitive.

Use the quick quote at the top of the page for an immediate quote for your own bicycle insurance.

Velosure Cycle Insurance is underwritten by Novae at Lloyds, a leading UK based insurer. Cycle rescue is provided by Call Assist and underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited.