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Standard Cover

All included as standard within your Velosure Cycle Insurance policy:



Cycle theft is unfortunately a common occurrence in the UK, with the theft of bikes from sheds, schools, streets and stations a growing trend across the country. The cost of bicycles stolen from UK train stations alone reached an estimated value of over £1.5million, with 5318 bikes being stolen.

Cycle Insurance from Velosure includes Theft and Accidental Damage of the insured bicycle as standard. This cover includes theft of your bike from the location it is insured at (usually your home) and also when it is away from your home. With Velosure, should your bicycle be stolen, you have the choice of using a specialist supplier of your choice or one that we suggest. If you have a preferred supplier that you trust, you can continue to use them.

Your bicycle is also insured when in your car/vehicle or secured on your cycle rack. With Velosure, you have Cycle Insurance you can rely on to support you should theft of your bicycle occur.

Cycle Theft cover from Velosure

Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage

It is a sad reality that in 2014 across the UK approximately 17,480 adult cyclists were involved in reported road cycling accidents. It is possible that in addition to these statistics more accidents took place that were not reported to the police. It is not surprising that cycling accidents have risen in recent years as the amount of cycling has increased and more people have taken to the roads.

Cycle Insurance from Velosure recognises that Accidental Damage does happen and we pride ourselves on the cover our policy provides.

If you have the security of Cycle Insurance with Velosure and you are involved in an accident causing damage to your bicycle, your bike would need to be assessed at a cycle retailer. With Velosure you will have the option of a cycle repairer of your choice or one that we recommend. They assess whether the bicycle should be repaired or need replacing, whichever is most economically viable. If you trust a preferred cycle retailer, you can continue to use them.

Cycle Rescue

Cycle Rescue

Bicycle Insurance from Velosure provides Cycle Breakdown as standard

If your bicycle breaks down miles away from home, getting yourself and your bike home can be a daunting task. Velosure Cycle Rescue has been designed to address such a situation. If you are more than a mile away from home and your bicycle breaks down, we provide a Cycle Rescue 24 hour breakdown number for you to contact us on: 0843 658 5386 / 01206714739.

Should you call cycle rescue the only information we will ask for is:

  • Your return telephone number
  • A valid policy reference number*
  • Your precise location (or as accurate as you are able in the circumstances)

*We advise that you write this down and keep it with you when cycling.

What happens next?

Once we have your valid policy reference number, we will send help. If you are unable to continue due to an accident, vandalism or irreparable breakdown, you are transported at our discretion to one of the following:

  • The nearest suitable cycle repair shop
  • The nearest appropriate railway station
  • The nearest overnight accommodation
  • Your home address if closer

If you require, we will pass on two messages to your home or place of work to let them know of your predicament and ease your worry. You can rely on Velosure Cycle Insurance.

European & Worldwide Cover

European & Worldwide cover

Cycle Insurance from Velosure protects your bicycle as you travel.

As cycling holidays increase in popularity, a growing number of cyclists are keen to cycle new routes abroad, both within Europe and further afield. To ensure that Velosure provides the cover cyclists require our standard Cycle Insurance cover includes:

  • European Cycle Insurance for up to 60 days in any one period of insurance*.

*This cover includes full cover when travelling in the European Union member countries and also includes: Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Madeira, Gibraltar and Andorra.

Any request for European extension beyond the standard 60 days is considered on referral.

  • Worldwide Cycle Insurance for up to 60 days in any one period of insurance**.

**To activate this, a condition of cover is notification of your dates of travel and destinations. Certain restrictions may apply.

Velosure protection, traveling with you as you cycle.

Public Liability

Public Liability

Bicycle Insurance from Velosure provides Public Liability up to £2million as standard.

When enjoying cycling it can sometimes be overlooked that we might be responsible for accidental damage to other road users, property or pedestrians.

This would never be planned, but we can plan to protect ourselves or our family financially for such a situation. We do this with Public Liability Insurance which is included as standard within every Velosure Cycle Insurance policy.

Velosure Public Liability Insurance (included within your Cycle Insurance policy) will cover you for up to £2million. Should you choose to add the extra Public Liability option, you can extend this cover up to the value of £5million.

We will provide cover if you or any member of your family named on the schedule become legally responsible for accidental bodily injury, death or accidental damage caused by using your cycle.

Velosure Public Liability provides you with complete peace of mind and protects you whilst riding your bicycle.

Free Legal advice

Free Legal Advice

When an incident or accident occurs whilst cycling, Velosure Cycle Insurance understands that legal advice may be something our cycling customers would value.

In most cases incidents arise through the oversight of another road user and a further few are from defects in the public highway.

Regardless of cause, many of these accidents can result in serious damage to the cyclist and their bicycle. Legal disputes can be daunting and costly. Velosure include FREE legal advice as standard for every policy.

New For Old

New For Old

Velosure provides New For Old cover for up to 3 years. If you have purchased a new bicycle and the bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair within 3 years of the purchase date, Velosure will enable you to replace the bicycle for a new model equivalent. You will be able to use a cycle retailer of your choice or we can recommend one.

Velosure Cycle Insurance has got you covered.

Bike Box Cover

Bike Box Cover

The use of a bike box to protect your bicycle in transport is growing. The cost of a bike box can be a sizable item.

If your bike box is damaged or stolen, you would not wish to incur the cost of replacing it. With Velosure Cycle Insurance, your bike box can be covered up to £500.

You can either go to a retailer of your choice or we can recommend one to replace the bike box up to the value of £500.

Sports Cover

Sports Cover

Cycling is one of the UK's most popular sports. As part of your policy with Velosure Cycle Insurance, cover is automatically provided for participation in:

  • Competitive Road Racing
  • Competitive Mountain Biking
  • Triathlons, Duathlons and Ironman events*
  • Cyclo-Cross
  • Track Racing

*The Triathlon and Ironman events cover includes transition periods for your bicycle.

Optional Extras

Available as optional extra cover from Velosure Cycle Insurance:

Personal Accident & Road Rage

Personal Accident

Both drivers and cyclists often struggle for space on today's busy roads and incidents of Personal Accident can occur. You wouldn't drive on the roads without car insurance, why cycle without Personal Accident and Road Rage cover?

Adding the optional extra of Personal Accident cover for your Cycle Insurance policy provides you with added security. Personal Accident can be taken with or without Road Rage cover.

With Personal Accident Insurance we will pay amounts of up to £10,000 for loss of limb and loss of sight or up to £20,000 for permanent total disablement or death.

Road Rage

On today's roads the term "road rage" is one that sadly almost everyone is familiar with.

Velosure provides the optional extra of Road Rage Insurance to those cyclists taking out the optional extra of Personal Accident cover.

Road Rage insurance covers you for:

  • Bodily injury occurring from an assault whilst riding your cycle
  • Hospital, daily cash benefit of £100 per day of confinement (not beyond 30 days)
  • Emergency dental treatment up to £250
  • 5 Sessions of stress counselling following a claim.
  • Clothing and personal details up to £150 (phone, glasses etc.).

Public Liability up to £5m

Public Liability up to £5m

When enjoying cycling it can sometimes be overlooked that we might be responsible for accidental damage to other road users, property or pedestrians. We can plan to protect ourselves or our family financially for such a situation. We do this with Public Liability Insurance.

Although you receive Public Liability Insurance as standard with Velosure, this is limited to £2million.

You can increase this Public Liability Insurance from £2million to £5million with this optional extra.

We will provide cover if you, or any member of your family named on the schedule, become legally responsible for accidental bodily injury, death or accidental damage caused by using your cycle.

Velosure Public Liability provides you with complete peace of mind and protects you whilst riding your cycle.

Family Cover

Family Cover

Cycling can often become a family pursuit. If this applies to you and your family, you may be interested in the optional extra of Family Cover provided by Velosure.

The term family cover applies to:

  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • Partner
  • Son, daughter or siblings (aged 12 years or over) who permanently live with you .

The cover would include:

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Cycle Rescue
  • European and Worldwide Cover
  • Public Liability*
  • Free Legal Advice
  • New For Old
  • Bike Box Cover
  • Sports Cover

*For family members under the age of 16 or over the age of 85, the cover would not include Public Liability, Personal Accident or Road Rage.

Clothing, Helmet, Footwear

Cycling Helmets, Footwear & Clothing

Cyclists often wish to purchase cycling helmets, footwear and clothing to enhance their comfort, performance and enjoyment of the sport. For each of these there is a cost and when accidents happen, clothing, helmets and footwear can be damaged. When considering insurance for your cycle, it might be appropriate to consider the cost of replacing such items.

Velosure Clothing, Helmet and Footwear cover is an optional extra that provides additional cover for these items up to £250 or £500. This covers any damage to your clothing, helmet and footwear following a claim where your cycle has also been damaged.


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The minimum age you can purchase a policy with us is 18, and the maximum is 85 years old.

You can arrange to cover family members from the age of 12 years old for Accidental Damage and Theft cover only. Any family member aged between 12 and 16, and over 85 years is unable to obtain Public Liability or Personal Accident/Road Rage cover.

We cover cycles and electric bikes from £500 up to £12,500.

We recommend that you have a Sold Secure approved lock - we have three ratings of lock depending on the price of your bicycle, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

  • Insured value up to £1500 require a Bronze rated lock
  • Insured value between £1501 - £2500 require a Silver rated lock
  • Insured value over £2501 require a Gold rated lock.

Your bicycle needs to be kept inside a locked building, such as inside your house, garden shed, or garage. It needs to be kept out of sight so as not to be seen by the public from outside of the building.

The bike does not need to be locked to an immovable object inside the building, if stored behind a 5 lever mortice lock door or 5 lever padlocks if in a shed.

If in a communal hallway or outbuilding, the bicycle must be secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object within the building.

The cover your household insurance provides may not be adequate to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bicycle. According to recent statistics, 42% of household polices will only pay out up to £500 per bike, which means you could be under-insured in the event of a claim.

Many household insurers restrict you from having your bicycle repaired or replaced where you choose. 84% will not cover you away from the home, unless you pay an additional premium, and they will not cover you abroad or when competing in Sportives or Triathlons.

In the event of a claim we would not insist on replacement via a 'high street' chain supplier. We appreciate that each bicycle has been carefully chosen or built by its owner and when possible repair and replacement would take place via your chosen supplier. The exception would be if we can obtain the same bike for less. We would offer to replace or give a cash settlement equivalent to the price we would have paid.

Velosure will pay new for old for the first three years, provide road side assistance, cover you in Sportives and Triathlons, protect you abroad and organise repatriation of your bicycle.

The Velosure ethos is to always put the client back in the position they were prior to any claim, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy being adhered to.

When insuring custom built cycles we ask that you insure them for the full retail cost as new to replace with the same or similar frame and components as you currently have. Unfortunately you cannot include the time it would take to build up your cycle again.

The 'insured sum' should be the combined value of all fixed accessories to the bicycle. This includes: frame, pedals, seats, wheels and GPS etc., that are physically fixed to the bike. It does not include accessories such as drink bottles, bags attached by Velcro, pump, clip on lights etc., which aren't specific to the value of the bicycle.

In the event of a claim, proof of purchase would be required for each item relative to the total of the 'insured sum', so that we could assess any claim and loss accordingly.

If making a claim you do need to provide us with proof of ownership for your bicycle and lock. As your bike does consist of various components, we would require receipts, packaging, instruction manuals, or photographs for your cycle and the components attached in order to be able to replace the bicycle with the same or similar.

For a bicycle over 3 years old, depreciation will be deducted from the cycle value to take in to account wear and tear up to a maximum of 50%. It is important to note that depreciation is applied to the entire bicycle and not just the parts – the age of the bike is decided by the age of the frame, regardless of whether newer parts exist on the bicycle.

In the event of a claim, you would need to produce an original or duplicate receipt for the insured bicycle and any accessories you wish to claim for. The receipt should show the date, price paid or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership.

We will accept photos of the lock and/or bank statement to show the transaction when the lock was purchased. We recommend that you take photos as soon as you take out the insurance in case the lock is stolen along with the bicycle, otherwise you might not be able to prove ownership after the theft has taken place.

If you are supplying photographs as proof of ownership, you should at the very least be sure to provide one close up showing make and model, and one of it locked to the bicycle, as you would usually secure it (through the frame). All photographs used in support of a claim should be clearly date stamped.

Yes, for those who took out their policy prior to 9th March 2015, it is a per cycle excess of:

  • £100 in the event of any claim for theft. £100 in the event of any claim for accidental damage.
  • £25 in the event of any claim for emergency dental treatment (Road Rage).
  • £25 in the event of any claim for clothing and personal effects (Road Rage).
  • £500 in the event of any claim for damage to third party property (Public Liability).

For those who purchased their policy on, or after, 9th March 2015, it is a per cycle excess of:

  • 5% of the bicycle value with a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £200 in the event of any claim for theft.
  • 5% of the bicycle value with a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £200 in the event of any claim for accidental damage.
  • £25 in the event of any claim for emergency dental treatment (Road Rage).
  • £25 in the event of any claim for clothing and personal effects (Road Rage).
  • £500 in the event of any claim for damage to third party property (Public Liability).

Yes, we can cover up to 8 cycles with a combined value of no more than £15,000 on one policy. If you have more than £15,000 worth of cycles, please call one of our experienced representatives, they will review your details and provide you with a competitive quote.

A standard Velosure policy will provide you with European Cover for days 60 Days* and Worldwide Cover for 60 days**.

Any request for European extension beyond the standard 60 days is considered on referral.

*Includes all European Member Countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Madeira, Gibraltar and Andorra.

** A condition of cover is notification of dates of travel and destinations. Certain restrictions may apply.

Velosure policies include Free Legal Advice and Assistance. This provides access to a solicitor in the event of a non-fault accident to pursue the recovery of all losses you may sustain including personal injury representation and loss of earnings.

Velosure offer a monthly Direct Debit payment scheme via Close Premium Finance. If you do not wish to pay for your policy in one lump sum you can select this option. The first month's deposit premium is collected when the policy is taken out and you can then arrange to change your Direct Debit payment to a date of your choice. The remaining premium will be collected in monthly instalments by Close Premium Finance.

Yes, Velosure will give you a no claims discount of 5% for the first year, 7.5% for the second and 10% for the third.

You need to make the right decision on cover and cost that suits your needs and lifestyle. Cycling is becoming a way of life for many and the need for comprehensive insurance is high. Although we all think it will never happen to us, the chance of theft or accidents are as high as in a car, and the consequences are that the bicycle is often written off so cycle insurance is becoming a must.

Our dedicated in house claims department will deal with your claim swiftly and efficiently ensuring you receive a first class service.

For a bicycle aged over 3 years old, a deduction for wear and tear of 10% of the value of the bike would be deducted each year, to a maximum of 50% of the value of the bicycle, from any claims settlement. The age of the bike will be determined by the age of the frame, regardless of whether newer parts exist on the bicycle. In a specific circumstance where you may own a classic bicycle that has a specified value, we will cover the bicycle for the full value without depreciation, provided you can supply a recent valuation that corresponds to the value you have insured.

You need to detail your bicycle and any fixed accessories when taking out the policy. If you buy accessories later and add them to your bike, you can update the value of your bicycle by calling the cycle team on 0800 083 3035.

You need proof of ownership of the items. This can include receipts, packaging or photos of the items attached to the bicycle.

The majority of cycles will have a serial number however there are a minority that don't. If your bicycle doesn't have a serial number or you are unable to locate it, please call our team on 0800 083 3035 who will be happy to guide you through what to do.

Yes, we cover fixed accessories. You must make us aware of the accessory type, make and model as well as value at time of application for the policy. Please note that these fixed accessories are only covered when fixed to your bike and stolen at the same time.

No, it won't. Although many schemes say you need to inform us that the cycle scheme provider has an interest in your bicycle, it won't affect your premium.

Your cycle is covered for Theft and Accidental Damage whilst in the aircraft and in the care of the airline. We strongly recommend that you securely pack your bicycle in a secure bike bag or box to prevent any unnecessary damage.

There are three requirements that you must meet if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged while in the care of the airline, you must:

  • Complete a Property Irregularity Report provided by the airline;
  • Give written notice of the lost/stolen/damaged goods to the airline within the time limit contained in their conditions of carriage;
  • Keep all travel tickets and tags for submission if you are going to make a claim under this policy.

Providing you follow the security requirements, your bike is covered whether at home, work or out shopping.

It's very important that wherever you leave your cycle it is securely locked (using a Sold Secure approved lock) and not left unattended for more than 12 consecutive hours, or 24 hours at a railway station.

If your bicycle is kept at another location for an extended period of time, at a second home for example, please notify us of this other address when completing a quote online or over the phone.

You need to tell us about any cycle related losses or claims you have had within the last five years whether paid or not. This will very rarely affect your premium but it is important that you make an honest disclosure of any previous claims or losses, as this could invalidate your cover if you do not tell us.

You can have up to 2 prior claims within the last 5 years and still take out cover with Velosure. You need to answer all questions openly and honestly. You must also disclose any criminal convictions for theft or dishonesty. If you are in any doubt, you should tell us.

No, sorry. We can only insure cyclists that do not earn their living solely from cycling.

You will receive a contact number for 'Call Assist' the recovery breakdown providers. We would recommend that you store this number on your mobile phone or in an accessible place when you are out cycling. Call Assist have over 1500 recovery agents and will dispatch the nearest one to recover you and your cycle.

They will then travel to your location and transport you to one of the following:

  • A suitable cycle repair shop
  • An appropriate railway station
  • A car rental agency
  • The nearest overnight accommodation
  • Your home

Breakdown recovery is only available in Great Britain, including Northern Ireland.

Velosure Cycle Insurance
780 Mandarin Court, Upper Floor Centre Park,
Warrington Cheshire,

Tel: 0800 083 3035


Call Assist are the Cycle Rescue provider we have appointed to ensure you receive a great level of service. We have chosen Call Assist specifically for their experience and expertise in Cycle Rescue.

Call Assist have access to 1500 recovery operators throughout Great Britain, including Northern Ireland and are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Call Assist Ltd
Axis Court
North Station Road


Tel: 0843 658 5386

The serial number can usually be found on the tube that connects your seat pin and your pedals, or on the receipt for your bike. It is a relatively long alphanumeric number which the cycle shop you bought the cycle from should have a record of too.

Many cycling accessories which are not fixed to the bicycle do not qualify for cover. These include drink bottles, bags attached by Velcro, tools secured in Velcro/zipped bags or containers, helmet, pump and clip-on lights.

If in doubt, please get in touch.

A cycle claims expert will be appointed to validate the nature and extent of the loss.

If you need to complain about this insurance policy or our service, you should, in the first instance, send your complaint to The Managing Director, Lawshield UK Ltd, LawShield House, 850 Ibis Court, Lakeside Drive, Centre Park, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1RL.

Tel: 0800 731 3942

When you do this, please quote your insurance document number, as it will help us to deal with your complaint promptly.

Cycle Retailer Insurance

Our insurance has been designed to suit the specific needs of all cycle retailers.

Prices starting from £328.00

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